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Daily Prophet - Hogwarts Edition

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I'm sorry, but I had to find you. [08 October 1996 | 20:45 pm ]

[ mood | upset ]


I really need to talk to you.

I'm sorry, but, well, I've had some awful news, and could you meet me?


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[08 October 1996 | 20:53 pm ]

[ mood | angry ]

Why is there RED HAIR on my cloak? There are no red-headed Slytherins.

If I find out who stole my cloak from the common room they will be in trouble!!

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I've arrived... [08 October 1996 | 17:27 pm ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

...I expect you've all missed me? I've missed Parvati and everyone dreadfully. I haven't used a crystal ball in weeks, I've been reading tea leaves to no end. Reading tea leaves is nothing compared to crystal ball gazing!

A lot has happened in such a short time, hasn't it? I wish I'd been here, I've missed so much. But Mum, Dad, and I were on vacation until now, so I just couldn't. I did see a lot of Ireland. Absolutely magical place.

So update me, okay, everyone?

I can't wait to see all the students and teachers!

Especially you, Professor Trelawney. I have so much to discuss about Divination! I can't have Parvati better than me for too long, now can I?


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[07 October 1996 | 23:28 pm ]

[ mood | excited ]


I need to see you IMMEDIATELY. Have had the most brilliant idea. Can't talk about it here, but COME FIND ME.

Ahahahaahahah. This will be so great.

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[04 October 1996 | 18:02 pm ]

[ mood | depressed ]

The Ministry has agreed to let me use a computer on a limited basis.

If it weren't for Severus and Bill flooing to London on an almost daily basis, and Arthur stopping to see me every day, I wouldn't have much information on what's happening.

It appears that I'm guilty until proven innocent, which means they'll keep me here until they catch the werewolf behind the attack. And since there hasn't been an attack in the last few full moons, here I sit.

At least I have the computer now.

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[23 September 1996 | 12:18 pm ]

[ mood | irritated ]

Minerva, would you be so kind as to meet with me this evening, say, 10 o'clock?
I need to discuss a few matters with you.

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[23 September 1996 | 00:23 am ]

[ mood | infuriated ]


So I've gotten several detentions already, simply because this project is STUPID and I haven't had time to do it. Who has time to post when you're doing several advanced classes? Or trying to get information out of anyone about what's going on with Professor Lupin?

Professor McGonagall is furious. I'm not sure if she's angry at Lupin or not, but she's apoplectic any time anyone mentions the Ministry or Cornelius Fudge.

All I do know is that Professor Lupin is in the custody of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Professor Weasley has been flooing from Hogsmeade to London nearly every day. Professor Snape has been flooing to London as well, and Ron's dad is spending several hours each day trying to get Professor Lupin released. I had heard that Dumbledore has been involved as well, and is trying to get the Ministry to allow Professor Lupin the use of a computer so that he can at least keep in touch with the other Professors easier, and perhaps send lesson plans. The Ministry doesn't want to allow access to any "Muggle contraptions" for the "animal".

They actually called him an animal! Er... so I heard. It seems Fred and George happened to overhear a conversation or two that Percy was having with Mr. Weasley. Ok, well, "conversation" might be a bit of a stretch... and "overheard" might be a rather optimistic description. But how can they get away with calling Remus an animal? I bet they aren't even going try to find the werewolf who is really behind that attack.

At least I'm not the only one who has gotten detention for not posting. And at least Parkinson isn't in detention with me.

Speaking of which... we really need to talk, Parkinson. Don't bloody argue, alright? For once?

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[15 September 1996 | 16:18 pm ]

[ mood | ecstatic ]


After absolute weeks of meetings with the Headmaster and Professor Snape and everyone else, I'm finally being allowed to keep my present from Millicent.

She gave me A PUPPY. AND. I get to keep him. He has to stay outside, they're making an enclosure for him down by Hagrid's hut, but I get to keep him!

We named him Orestes. And he's so perfect and wonderful and I'm happy. This makes up for all the potions homework and transfiguration homework and everything else.
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[07 September 1996 | 23:17 pm ]

[ mood | awake ]

Could someone tell me why there is a sudden influx of crickets in the dungeons?

If I find that you lot have been sneaking food back to the common room, after I've specifically told you NOT TO, you will be cleaning durian fruit with your teeth.

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[06 September 1996 | 12:46 pm ]

[ mood | frustrated ]

The first week of classes has ended, and I'm more convinced than ever that this is quite possibly the most thickheaded bunch of twits I've ever had to teach. The first years have already managed to destroy one of the stone workbenches, melt four cauldrons, and lost an entire year's supply of unicorn water down the drain. The rest of the classes aren't much better - Madame Pomfrey has been kept quite busy repairing the damages brought about by carelessness.

The Quidditch pitch has been nearly returned to normal - with the exception of a few stands still needing work, it looks as if Potter and his gang had never even been there. Very nice supervisory talents, Remus.

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How can you think that? [05 September 1996 | 20:54 pm ]

[ mood | amused ]

Well hasn't it been an interesting week. Apparently being back in classes has really made everyone's imagination run away with them. I mean really, Blaise, involved with a Gryffindor, Potter no less? Please. Who would stoop to that sort thing really.

Classes. Well, all I can say is that it's a step up from working on that blasted pitch. Though that may be the biggest understatement of the century.

Speaking of the pitch, I think I might wander out there. The Common room seems much more crowded these days.

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[01 September 1996 | 20:49 pm ]

[ mood | upset ]

For the last time, there was something in my eye!

Potter, you're an idiot for trying to get me into trouble. Draco, don't believe him, he's a prat. The rest of you, just leave it alone already, will you?

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[01 September 1996 | 19:16 pm ]

[ mood | really confused ]

Err, Harry? What's this about you and Zabini?

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Classes begin again. [01 September 1996 | 18:32 pm ]

[ mood | cynical ]

Ugh. I ALMOST wish I had taken that Magical Ethics class. To hear Millie tell it it sounds entertaining. I have Divination and Arithmancy. Oh well. At least we aren't working on that blasted pitch everyday any more. Manual Labour.

Interesting. Draco seems rather upset with Blaise and Potter. Blaise, don't you think you should behave a bit better? I mean, a Gryffindor, and at that, Potter? Really.

I recieved a letter from Mother and Daddy. Everything is going well, and Millicent, all seems to be well where you are concerned.

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Attention students: [01 September 1996 | 17:54 pm ]

[ mood | resigned ]

As most of you probably know by now, the Journal project is ongoing.

Headmaster Dumbledore has come to the conclusion that this project has fostered greater interaction between the members of the houses that were in attendance over the summer, and is curious to see whether this will continue.

More students will be added to the project on a limited basis.

I am smothered with joy. Drat the man.

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First day back in classes. [01 September 1996 | 14:07 pm ]

[ mood | pensive ]

Getting up early to sit in class instead of going to the pitch to work is novel. I thought it would be a relief not to have to watch over that group. I had forgotten what it's like to have a whole classroom full of them.

I think I have a decent curriculum set up. I'm looking forward to boggarts. Much more so than I was last time I covered them for this class.

I had a word with Minerva. I have to go to London on Friday. I have a hearing with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. They still haven't caught the werewolf responsible for the attack last month.

So, before I have every DADA student running to ask me about Friday's classes... No, there are no DADA classes on Friday. Unless Minerva can come up with a substitute.

Enjoy the extra sleep.

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[31 August 1996 | 23:16 pm ]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Slytherins taste good.

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[30 August 1996 | 00:03 am ]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I swear if I hear one more person say "Hey, nice ass" I'm going hex that unfortunate person into next week.

The pitch is nearly done. I'm so glad! It will take us maybe a couple of weekends after school starts. That doesn't make me nearly as happy. I think the journal project is nearly over, too. FINALLY!

So this is probably my last entry. Classes start on Monday. I decided to take Care of Magical Creatures and Magical Ethics. I should probably have stayed with Divination, but I don't think I can bear it any longer.

I'm kind of looking forward to classes. Except for Potions. Ugh. I am surprised I even made it into the class.

I'd like to take this last chance to say Malfoy is a prat.

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[26 August 1996 | 22:35 pm ]

[ mood | irritated ]

Would someone like to explain to me why Mr Potter has donkey ears growing out of his backside? And a tail out of the back of his head?

Honestly. The trouble these children get into.

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[26 August 1996 | 22:13 pm ]

[ mood | pissed off ]

That idiot werewolf stole my dogs. All I wanted was to keep just one. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. I hate this place. I hate the stupid teachers and the stupid students and stupid everyone.

I would say I want to go home, but as I don't seem to even have one anymore.

I hope you all die slowly and painfully and soon.

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