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Classes begin again.

Ugh. I ALMOST wish I had taken that Magical Ethics class. To hear Millie tell it it sounds entertaining. I have Divination and Arithmancy. Oh well. At least we aren't working on that blasted pitch everyday any more. Manual Labour.

Interesting. Draco seems rather upset with Blaise and Potter. Blaise, don't you think you should behave a bit better? I mean, a Gryffindor, and at that, Potter? Really.

I recieved a letter from Mother and Daddy. Everything is going well, and Millicent, all seems to be well where you are concerned.
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I thought you would be pleased
Of course. I haven't received any owls. Funny how there's so much love from my mother when she's worried about her reputation.
It really is interesting how much more attentive they are when they are concerned with us, I mean, themselves.
Isn't it heartwarming?
Well, it warms something, but I don't believe it is my heart.
And don't call me Millie.
Of course not Millicent.
There was a firecracker in my eye!!!
Oh, honestly, Blaise.

Explain Potter's post?
He's delusional?
Well, that much is obvious. He seems to think I have played with a Gryffindor
It had nothing to do with Zabini.

I thought you knew everything?
Piss off.
Of course Blaise. I understand completely
Thank you, Pansy. It's nice to have someone believe me.
Antyime Blaise, I'm sorry for having doubted you