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So I've gotten several detentions already, simply because this project is STUPID and I haven't had time to do it. Who has time to post when you're doing several advanced classes? Or trying to get information out of anyone about what's going on with Professor Lupin?

Professor McGonagall is furious. I'm not sure if she's angry at Lupin or not, but she's apoplectic any time anyone mentions the Ministry or Cornelius Fudge.

All I do know is that Professor Lupin is in the custody of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Professor Weasley has been flooing from Hogsmeade to London nearly every day. Professor Snape has been flooing to London as well, and Ron's dad is spending several hours each day trying to get Professor Lupin released. I had heard that Dumbledore has been involved as well, and is trying to get the Ministry to allow Professor Lupin the use of a computer so that he can at least keep in touch with the other Professors easier, and perhaps send lesson plans. The Ministry doesn't want to allow access to any "Muggle contraptions" for the "animal".

They actually called him an animal! Er... so I heard. It seems Fred and George happened to overhear a conversation or two that Percy was having with Mr. Weasley. Ok, well, "conversation" might be a bit of a stretch... and "overheard" might be a rather optimistic description. But how can they get away with calling Remus an animal? I bet they aren't even going try to find the werewolf who is really behind that attack.

At least I'm not the only one who has gotten detention for not posting. And at least Parkinson isn't in detention with me.

Speaking of which... we really need to talk, Parkinson. Don't bloody argue, alright? For once?
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