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I've arrived...

...I expect you've all missed me? I've missed Parvati and everyone dreadfully. I haven't used a crystal ball in weeks, I've been reading tea leaves to no end. Reading tea leaves is nothing compared to crystal ball gazing!

A lot has happened in such a short time, hasn't it? I wish I'd been here, I've missed so much. But Mum, Dad, and I were on vacation until now, so I just couldn't. I did see a lot of Ireland. Absolutely magical place.

So update me, okay, everyone?

I can't wait to see all the students and teachers!

Especially you, Professor Trelawney. I have so much to discuss about Divination! I can't have Parvati better than me for too long, now can I?

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So glad to see you back! the girls here have been wretched to me. You would not believe some of the injustices I have suffered without you!

As far as what's happened: This summer, Perseus exploded into a shower of comets, Padma didn't believe me when I told her. And then she had her heart broken by Dean Thomas. I could have prevented it, but does she ever LISTEN to my astrology advice? No.

Other matters of note:
I hear Draco and Blaise are insatiable, they don't have the decency to keep themselves to their own dormitories.

When Padma and I came back, Cho and Pad moved into the Ravenclaw dormitories. It was getting a bit crowded in here anyway. Ginny moved to the 6th year rooms (but not until after she put cockroaches in my bedding. little weasel.)

OH! First there was Harry and Cho, which combusted because Cho comes on just a little too strong and then there was Harry and Ginny What a horrid mistake that was. peeeves had a field WEEK with that one. and so Dean and Harry dueled for her affections. (completely not worth it, if you ask me.) Then there was RON and Cho, much to my delight and amusement. There may or may not have been some Pansy and Draco and Blaise and Harry, I don't remember the whole situation.

Oh! And Malcolm Baddock had puppies! It was a very big scandal.

Rita Skeeter is up to no good, Peeves has been irritating the living daylights out of me, Professor Trelawney and I have been working on advanced tea reading, and I am so relieved to have you here. You have no idea.

Tea sometime?

Vati! That's horrid, Parv, who were they?

I heard about Perseus! I met some very interesting people with the Inner Eye in Ireland. They told me all about it.

People ought to take astrology seriously. You know I love Padma, but really. When her own twin tells her, she should listen!

Draco and Blaise is not something I want to see!

Cockroaches in your bed? Eww. That's so mean. Ron, you should watch your sister better!

Cho and Ginny certainly do get around, don't they? Just kidding, of course, girls.

Rita Skeeter? Is she ever up to any good? Peeves is always irritating, don't pay attention to him. That or throw things at him...and throw them hard.

Advanced tea reading? That's right up your alley. Are you enjoying it?

Tea sometime? How about tea now?
You know I don't like to name names, but the little Weasley is just...intolerable, Hermione has been very short with me, and not that anyone ever expects Millicent to be nice, but really, there's no need for her to be so snitty.

Padma and I may share bloodlines, but that is apparently all we share, she's been mocking my readings from start to finish. I could be such a help if she would just let me.

Cho and Ginny just get around, there's no joking about it. You know, I don't see what anyone sees in either. Cho is pretty enough, and nice enough. But Ginny...what a horrid one shouldn't let their temper get the better of them.

Advanced tea reading is lovely, you should really come, Sibyll (she lets me call her that, how revoltingly fantastic is that?!) always has an extra chintz armchair around the fire.

We can have tea whenever you like, just so long as we can stay out of the kitchens, those house elves give me the creeps.
I'm sorry Vati. What have you ever done to them? I don't know much about Ginny, Hermione is always stressed and can be short, yes. I've never spoken to Millicent, only seen her.

Wise choice to tone down the anger. It's not good for one's self.

I'd love to come to an advanced tea reading! She lets you call her Sibyll? That's marvelous. But then again, she is a fascinating lady. Much better than most of the Professors.

Yes, house elves bother me too. Always hopping about and being overly helpful. Especially that Dobby elf that's devoted to Harry.