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hogwarts_press's Journal

Daily Prophet - Hogwarts Edition
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Welcome to hogwarts_press!

This is a community journal for a canon chat/livejournal RPG, in as much as our characters, character personalities (those that are fleshed out in the movies and books), and timelines (again, as far as movies and books have taken us) are based in the Harry Potter-verse. Our storylines are ours, and are set at the beginning of the summer between Harry's 5th and 6th school year. We are an adult community, and slash and het friendly, which means there will most likely be good old fashioned boy on boy action, as well as adult themes. If this isn't your cup of tea, thank you for stopping by! Otherwise, please hang your disbelief at the door, grab some popcorn, and come on in!

UPDATE: Because our game takes place at the end of Year 5, and we made the choice to stay canon, we've had to make a few slight adjustments to bring us back into line with events that happened in Order of the Phoenix. Certain events have happened after the end of the canon school year, so that we could incorporate the storylines. Other than this, our story still follows back plot.

For information on the game beyond the cast listed below, including the story up to this point, please feel free to check us out on the web at Extra! Extra! Read All About It!.

The Cast

Moderator, Rita Skeeter: bugonthewall

Harry Potter, 6th year: fly_a_firebolt
Ron Weasley, 6th year: cannonfan
Hermione Granger, 6th year: literata
Dean Thomas, 6th year: talented_hands
Parvati Patil, 6th year: samajha
Lavender Brown, 6th year: lavvie
Ginny Weasley, 5th year: hex_appeal

Draco Malfoy, 6th year: above_reproach
Millicent Bulstrode, 6th year: superior_slyth
Blaise Zabini, 6th year: saint_blaise
Pansy Parkinson, 6th year: sweet_slytherin
Malcolm Baddock, 3rd year: badmalcolm

Cho Chang, 7th year: ravenclaw_cho
Padma Patil, 6th year: praescio
Luna Lovegood, 5th year: quiet_moon


Professor of Transfiguration, Minerva McGonagall: catinahat
Potions Master, Severus Snape: not_amused
Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, Remus Lupin: canislupin
School Nurse, Madam Poppy Pomfrey: mme_pomfrey
Professor of Divination, Sibyll Trelawney: tragedy_abounds
School Librarian, Madam Irma Pince: dont_touch
Professor of Care of Magical Creatures and Magical Ethics, Bill Weasley: treasure_trunks

Other Characters
Sirius Black (deceased): not_so_grim
Peeves: peeeves
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